Gotta make some phone calls & stop by some offices in the am but until then…
#SouljaGirlVC this the best advice I can take


Tell me this not the realest shit ever.

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Be very cautious of white men with a racial fetish

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just fucking click play

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i need to stop being a scary ass hoe and take more chances in life so i can be rich as fuck and be able to wipe my ass with dollar bills and get anything i want outta life because i truly deserve it!!! 

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my hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being exhausted the next day

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Im a little sensitive but I always keep it G

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When you see a guy of another race and automatically think does he like black girls #blackgirlproblems

wow this got a lot of notes lol

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She’s had enough!

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OMFG…Call me sick in the head. But, this pizza looks just like sex to me. :) I am so horny right now.

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So this just happened in real life….😔


Maybe it’s just me but I feel like we Tumblr users have our own lil Weird/Ratchet/XRated/Passionate/Proactive Universe. We welcome all while concurrently telling all that they cant sit with us.

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